Business stationery design is an important element of the business representation that truly adds an extra sauce to attract clients towards your essential business information. Most businesses overlook the importance of corporate stationery design without realizing that it shapes your company’s image and sets you apart from every other business in the industry.

Your custom business cards help you a lot to picture yourself in front of the clients as these cards flaunt your core product, features and your contact information to make a deal with you.

So, if you are also looking for the best business card template to engage your potential clients and drive more business then have a look at our pro tips for Business stationery design to make yourself stand out from the stack.

Organize information

Your business stationery must be designed carefully as the entire goal behind the creation is to provide an ideal representation of your company to the clients and other business stakeholders. Therefore, you have to add very relevant and specific information that can better compliment your existence. Make sure to organize and add the following information as the part of your branded stationery;

  • VAT Number (Add your VAT number, if you are a VAT registered company, it will show your credibility)
  • Business URL Link ( Don’t forget to add your business URL Link so that people can find you online as well)
  • Tagline (Add your business tagline, it’s a concise form of your business vision and mission)
  • Contact Info ( Contact information mainly consists of the company name, address and phone number, add your contact information so that your business associates could easily reach you)

Branding & Logo

Just after organizing your core business information, the next step is to plan your design. Consider the different ways you can use your pre-existing logo in your branding. You can choose from a vertical or horizontal layout and a coloured or white card stock.  Select from a range of designs to find different layouts to fit in your logo and other information.

Colour OR no Colour

Colours play an essential role in your branding and your brand colours have a very strong impact on how your brand is perceived by the audience. First, figure out your nature of the business and then use colours accordingly. You can use red for a loud brand identity and purple for a luxurious look and feel. There are more colours available that you can choose for your brand, but first, do a little research to make it appropriate. However, you can always go with light colours even you can choose Black and white if you believe that too many colours are not just the part of your brand identity.

Typographic vs Graphics

You can beautify your business stationery with both typographic (Text) and Graphic (Images and icon). Architects, lawyers, and other luxury brands can use heavy graphic elements to provide an expensive and luxurious feel for their business stationery. However, brands can also use simple text to provide their core information without excessive clutter. If you want to stay on a budget then it’s completely alright to go with simple yet stylish typographic.

Consider Printing Options

Now, you are done with a great design layout and all the information that you want to add into your business stationery. It’s time to consider your printing techniques. It’s better to choose high-end printing options like hot stamping or reverse side printing to add a high-quality finish to your business stationery. These options will cost you more but still, it’s worth to spend on.

To find more about how to create stylish business stationery don’t forget to get in touch with Stationery designs, we will assist you with best of the best business card templates to make you stand out from the crowd.