5 Elements to Include in Business Stationery Designs


professional business stationery design is a significant part of your branding, therefore, it has to be consistent across all media and should be able to convey the most relevant information to the business associates, customers and other related professionals.

Your brand identity must not lack visual appeal or not appear carelessly designed, otherwise, it will surely have negative impacts on your business image.

On the other hand, successful stationery design adds a power to the business and gives a fair share in your brand creation.

Moreover, your Business stationery design works for multiple purposes and act as the first and foremost representation of your company.  Many businesses, overlook the importance of office stationery design and at this point, we want you to understand its significance.

A good design can help you build your brand and gives you the opportunity to distinguish yourself from the competitors in the industry. Your potential customers will only be convinced when they completely understand your content.

For this good reason, we want you to incorporate these 5 elements into your business stationery design. Few of these elements will serve you with the effective marketing promotion, customer service and marketing tools.

Corporate Logo Design

Incorporating a logo is an essential element of custom business stationery design.  A company logo can prove to be a brand builder, if designed correctly.

In order to make your logo effectively useful, make sure it reflects your business nature. For example: a website development company cannot feature a flower or a bottle on its logo. There must be something relevant to the business nature.

The colours and shape of your business logos are very important and play a significant role in grabbing customer’s attention.                                           

Brand Tagline

Your business stationery design also requires a catchy tagline that should attract its customers and other business associates. Moreover, a company’s slogan is the concise version of its vision and mission.  There are various businesses that hold a catch phrase and grabs the attention of business associates and prospective clients. A printed catch line on your business stationery creates an exceptional brand image.

Founding Year of Business

There are many businesses who do not add their years of establishment on their business stationery. Printing your business’s founding year on the branded stationery, apparently has a lot of benefits. It helps companies quickly get consumer attention plus, it shows that the business is trusted and has been flourishing over the years. Mentioning your founding year defines your expertise, experience and quality on which your customers can rely. You can simply add your founding year over or below your logo, it creates a sense of trust and quality.

Since, there are many start-ups who are unsure about adding year of establishment, if you are running your business for three years, you can safely add your founding year on the branded stationery items.

Contact Information

Business contact information is another essential element of your stationery design process. Your contact information mainly entails your company name, address and phone number. Adding your business contact information gives a positive experience to the relevant business associates plus, it shows that the business cares for the customers and is ready to help at every level.

Mostly, potential buyers call at the given number and ask about features, packages and price related to the product. Adding your contact number in the business stationery not only indicate your serious behavior towards business but, it also let you connect with the customers and help you improve your brand.


Earning certifications from international agencies is a difficult to do task, but if you have achieved it, it’s time to show it. Businesses must add their certifications in their personalized business stationery, this gives a fair share to outwit other competitors. Every business should display its certifications on its stationery because it gives a great impact on the customers and other relevant stake holders.

You can simply print the logos of the specific rectifiers with the most relevant details printed. It is not always necessary to add logo, in case, if you don’t have enough space, you can use text like “ISO 27001:2017 certified” this would be ample for an excellent brand image.

Certifications are important for a reason, they speak about the product standards and show that the company is meeting all the required standards and is able to compete in the global marketplace. Moreover, printing your certifications attract international clients and assist them to choose you over others.

Some More Elements

There are limitless elements that you can add in your business stationery design, depending upon the nature of your business. But, a company must consider the fact that their stationery must not look cluttered by adding too many details on a small space.

There are few more elements that you can add into your stationery design without being messy.

  • Locations
    If you are running a business that operates from multiple locations or running globally then you can add your locations too. This will help you show your business’s popularity worldwide.
  • Social Media
    Today, a number of companies are deploying social media for marketing and customer service. If necessary, a company can show its social media presence on its stationery. This will tell customers about how active your business is running on social media.
  • Brands
    If your company is dealing with more than one brand then you can add your product line on your officestationery. This option is good for small businesses, dealing with handful amount of brands.

Make sure, your stationery doesn’t look like a promotional brochure try to keep it looking professional and elegant without any clutter.